[FIXED] 'react-router-dom' does not contain an export named 'useHistory'


Im trying to import useHistory from react-router-dom but it keeps giving me the error ‘react-router-dom’ does not contain an export named ‘useHistory’.

React-router-dom’s version is 4.3.1 and i’ve tried updating (in case there was an updated version) but every time i do npm install react-router-dom it always just installs 4.3.1 It updated react-router from 4.3.1 to 5.2.0 just fine so i don’t know why react-router-dom doesn’t update (if there is an updated version).

If anyone knows another way to import useHistory or make a back button that goes to the previous URL from anywhere I’d love to know.


"useHistory" is replaced by "useNavigate", in "react-router-dom" v.6

import { useNavigate } from 'react-router-dom';
const navigateTo = useNavigate();

Answered By – Emad Armoun

Answer Checked By – Pedro (Easybugfix Volunteer)

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