[FIXED] Programmatic row selection in a p-table using selectionMode 'multiple'


I have a PrimeNG v12.2 p-table component abbreviated as follows:


I need to programmatically select the row the user just clicked on. I figured I would just push a new object to selectedMessages in the click, but it does not work. The object is pushed, but nothing remains selected.

I need to handle the right-click. The row is defined as:

<tr (contextmenu)="clickMessage(message)">

The event is handled with:

clickMessage(mail: MailboxItem): void {

The member is initialized to empty:

selectedMessages: MailboxItem[] = [];

My event fires properly, the object goes from empty ([]) to having one MailboxItem in it, but no table rows are selected.


The issue here is that Angular change detection only occurs when the array bound to [(selection)] is modified.

The solution is to re-assign to the array itself which will trigger change detection and properly select the row:

this.selectedMessages = [...this.selectedMessages, mail];

In my use-case we want to de-select all rows except the one being right-clicked on, so it is simply:

this.selectedMessages = [ mail ];

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