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In all the UI I have used up to now (bootstrap and material) a css reset was always included now for a new project the choice was on primeng with primeflex which has no reset as far as I could see.
what is the best practice to include a default css reset file such as bootstrap or use the available classes?
For instance

with a reset file I can use

h1 class="mb-3"


h1 class="mt-0 mb-3"

I don’t really know why a reset file is not by default ^^
It’s the first time I’m using primeng so be patience 🙂


I would not use classes to style margin in heading one. Instead create a CSS file with the margins you want to use on a h1. This allows you to simply use


on each page instead of having to do

<h1 class="mb-3">...</h1>

And, if you ever want to change the margin, you can simply modify it in your style sheet.

Answered By – Jasper de Vries

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