[FIXED] primeNG p-multiSelect with reactive form setting value dynamically


I am trying to do simple thing dynamically set a value to p-multiSelect with a reactive form.
Using the ngModel with p-multiSelect property works nice but if I use the reactive form with the p-multiSelect property i can’t set p-multiSelect from component.

According angular doc:
“Support for using the ngModel input property and ngModelChange event with reactive form directives has been deprecated in Angular v6 and will be removed ”

There is a link for stackblitz repro:



  groupForm: FormGroup;
  cities: SelectItem[] = [
    { label: 'New York', value: 1 },
    { label: 'Rome', value: 2 },
    { label: 'London', value: 3 },
    { label: 'Istanbul', value: 4 },
    { label: 'Paris', value: 5 }
  setected = { label: 'Istanbul', value: 4 };

  constructor(private fb: FormBuilder) {
    this.groupForm = this.fb.group({
      selectedCities: ["", Validators.nullValidator],
    //************doesn't work*************
    // this.groupForm.get('selectedCities').setValue(4);


 <div class="form-group">
       <label for="cities" class="control-label">Cities</label>
        <p-multiSelect [options]="cities" formControlName="selectedCities"></p-multiSelect>


just pass an array of selected value not a single value

single value


multiple value


and the mention this in the documentation page
MultiSelect detects changes to options and selected values using
setters so when changing your model, prefer creating a new array
reference instead of manipulating an existing array.

demo 🚀🚀

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