[FIXED] Primeng p-dropdown onChange get value of the Object


I have a p-dropdown in which I want to get the value that is selected.

<p-dropdown optionLabel="name" [options]="things"
                  placeholder="Select Thing" [(ngModel)]="input" (onChange)="getValue(input)"></p-dropdown>


//each line prints the same thing of [object Object].

I have also tried using (ngModelChange) instead of (onChange) as well as trying $event, $event.target.value, $event.value for the parameter to getValue in my html. The console always prints [object Object].

My motivation for wanting to see the actual value is that I need the value to populate another dropdown. I use this value that I’m trying to see, as a search value to actually populate the other dropdown. This search keeps returning undefined.


To get the value of the first dropdown I didn’t need to use (onChange). Just base both dropdowns on the same value with [(ngModel)], but populate their options like I already was.

<p-dropdown optionLabel="name" [options]="things"
                  placeholder="Select Name" [(ngModel)]="input"></p-dropdown>

<p-dropdown optionLabel="id" [options]="things"
                  placeholder="Select ID" [(ngModel)]="input"></p-dropdown>


things: Thing[];
input: String;

This is what things looks like:

things = [
        {id: 20, name: 'First'},
        {id: 45, name: 'Second'},
        {id: 22, name: 'Third'},
        {id: 67, name: 'Fourth'},
        {id: 88, name: 'Fifth'}

type Thing:

id: number;
name: string;

So what I needed was when I choose my name in the first dropdown, I need the second dropdown to populate with that names corresponding id. I was having trouble getting the name which is what my question here actually asks for. That was just part of this larger scheme of functionality that has now been solved.

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