[FIXED] NPM – How to install a new package without update or add packages described on package.json


This is a hard question and I’ll try to explain.

How to add new packages without install dependencies or new packages (defined in package/-lock.json)?

For example: Currently, we have our package.json and package-lock.json to maintain the versioning.

However, If we try to add a new package, other packages (related to package.json or package-lock.json) are being updated/added.

The intention is just add new packages, add these packages info inside package.json and package-lock.json, without affect the current packages installed.


Go to package.json and make some changes if you don’t want any of your packages to update automatically.
For example change
"react-native": "^0.56.1" to "react-native": "0.56.1"

simply delete caret "^" or tilde "~" signs you see before version declarations.

  • Caret "^" sign makes npm able to update minor version updates (for
    above example 56 to 57 or higher) and
  • Tilde "~" sign makes npm able to update patch version updates (right-most element in [major, minor, path] tuple)

If you declare your package versions without any sign, they won’t be updated.

Answered By – Amir Gorji

Answer Checked By – Timothy Miller (Easybugfix Admin)

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