[FIXED] NPM – Getting error when trying to run the npm install command (webpack and babel-loader)


When I am trying to run this command npm install like I would usual stuff, I get these errors on this project that I am working on currently:

enter image description here

I have tried to fallback to Node.js v14.15.4 version to see if it will be fixed, but it would not. Anybody has any clue how to do this?

What I think:

  • Maybe the version of the Node.js is not compatible
  • My npm version is 8.1.4, so maybe that can cause the problem
  • Problem with npm in general


Your project wants webpack 3.10 and babel-loader 6.4.1, but babel-loader 6.4.1 wants webpack 2. Upgrade babel-loader? (specifically to 7.x, not 8.x/latest, if you need webpack 3)

Answered By – Puyo

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