[FIXED] I want to show "All" as an option in primeng p-table paginator


I have a primeng p-table, where I have [rowsPerPageOptions]="[10, 20, 30]",
I also want to have an option which says ‘All’ on click of which it should display the entire row available in the table.

I tried this based on paginator component documentation.
[rowsPerPageOptions]="[10, 20, { showAll: All }]"

but this does not help.

[rowsPerPageOptions]="[10, 20, { showAll: All }]"

expected: i shall be able to see ‘All’

Please provide answer in this stackblitz


One way i found is:
[rowsPerPageOptions]=”[10, 20, records.length]”

.ui-paginator .ui-dropdown .ui-dropdown-panel ul li:last-child {
  span::before {
    content: "All";
    visibility: visible;
  span::after {
    content: "";
  span {
    visibility: hidden;


Answered By – Akash Bharati

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