[FIXED] How to patch the value of multiselect dropdown (primeng component) in a reactive form?


I am using primeng components in the template.
I have the option to edit the form, which displays the existing field values. I am not able to patch the value of multiselect dropdown.

excludeDays = [      
    {label: 'Mon', value: 1},
    {label: 'Tue', value: 2},
    {label: 'Wed', value: 3},
    {label: 'Thu', value: 4},
    {label: 'Fri', value: 5},
    {label: 'Sat', value: 6},
    {label: 'Sun', value: 7},

I have my backend data coming in as a string and then I am converting it into array of number like

[1,2] or[2,3,4]

Now after I press the edit button I want the values of the dropdown to be selected as above excludeDays values are there.

<div class="col-12" style="width: auto;" >
      <p-multiSelect [options]="excludeDays" optionLabel="label" defaultLabel="Select day" formControlName="excludeDays"></p-multiSelect> 

I am using

... : ....
excludeDays: converted array of (excludeDays) to number array

This is the console output of the excludeDays array after converting it into number array


After getting data from the backend , create an array of objects using the original array, then set those values to the patchValue method.

const excludeDays = [1,2].map(id=>this.excludeDays.find(day=>day.value === id));

excludeDays: excludeDays

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