[FIXED] How to install only "devDependencies" using npm


I am trying to install ONLY the “devDependencies” listed in my package.json file. But none of the following commands work as I expect. All of the following commands install the production dependencies also which I do not want.

npm install --dev
npm install --only=dev
npm install --only-dev

I cannot think of any more ways of telling the npm to install the devDependencies alone. 🙁


Check the NPM docs for install:

With the --production flag (or when the NODE_ENV environment variable is set to production), npm will not install modules listed in devDependencies.

The --only={prod[uction]|dev[elopment]} argument will cause either only devDependencies or only non-devDependencies to be installed regardless of the NODE_ENV.

Have you tried the following?

npm install --only=dev

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