[FIXED] How to install node.tar.xz file in linux


I recently downloaded the Nodejs file from the official site and I don’t know how to install the Nodejs from a archived file.

Please help me how can I install this file so that I can run the "npm" command from the CLI for installation of several packages for my own project.


Steps to download and install node in ubuntu

Step 1: Download latest or recommended node .tar.xz file from https://nodejs.org/en/

or you can download node version 14.15.5 (.tar.xz file) directly from here ->


Step 2: Go to the directory in which (.tar.xz file) is downloaded.

In my case –> /Download directory

Step 3: Update System Repositories

sudo apt update

Step 4: Install the package xz-utils

sudo apt install xz-utils

Step 5: To Extract the .tar.xz file

sudo tar -xvf name_of_file

In my case –> sudo tar -xvf node-v14.15.5-linux-x64.tar.xz

Step 6: sudo cp -r directory_name/{bin,include,lib,share} /usr/

In my case –> sudo cp -r node-v14.15.5-linux-x64/{bin,include,lib,share} /usr/

Step 7: Update the Path export PATH=/usr/node_directory_name/bin:$PATH
In my case –> export PATH=/usr/node-v14.15.5-linux-x64/bin:$PATH

Step 8: Check the node version

node --version

Result In my case -> v14.15.5

Answered By – Azam Baig

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