[FIXED] How to force npm not to create symbolic link to local package?


I downloaded local copy of npm package and extracted it on desktop.
Then I used npm install /directory/ to install it.

What I noticed is that when I remove desktop directory, app says it can’t find installed module. After further investigation I noticed that package is in node_modules but it has arrow next to it and it says "symbolic link" which I suppose is a link to desktop directory with this package.

How do I install it independently so that it is fully contained in node_modules allowing me to remove desktop copy?


Turns out you can use

npm pack /path/to/package

This will cause npm to pack package into a .tgz file.
Then you can install it from a .tgz file using a standard

npm install /path/to/file.tgz

This will force npm to create local copy in node_modules without symbolic link

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