[FIXED] How to disable NodeTree (parents and children) in primeng?


This is my HTML code:

<p-tree id="tree" *ngIf="node"  [value]="node" selectionMode="null"  [(selection)]="selectedFile" (onNodeSelect)="nodeSelect($event)" (onNodeUnselect)="nodeUnselect($event)" >
                <ng-template let-node pTemplate="default" >

I need to disable all the tree. A disable control would be enough or replace hand pointer with a cursor pointer.
Any advice?
Thanks in advance!


  • set node.selectable=false; for all the parent and child node by using recursive function
        node.selectable = false;
        if (node.children){
            node.children.forEach( childNode => {
            } );

Answered By – Salik Khan

Answer Checked By – Cary Denson (Easybugfix Admin)

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