[FIXED] How to add frozen columns to primeNG when rows are rendering dynamically in Angular


I was looking for help to add the frozen columns feature in my primeng table where the columns and rows are dynamically rendered.

I do have a config( isPK: true) that came from data on which I want to make frozen columns.

I have tried following stackblitz but I cannot found a solution to match the example given in the documentation of PrimeNG

Thanks, @Owen for the answer but now If I try to add an extra column in the HTML itself it is getting doubled like this,

enter image description here


You should use templating for frozen data as described in documentation in Templates section:

frozenheader: Content of the thead element in frozen side.

frozenbody: Content of the tbody element in frozen side.

Here is a working example. Table body looks weird but because you are using dynamic columns, there must be a match between columns and data.

Like this example for Dynamic columns from documentation.

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