[FIXED] Error when generating Jhipster hello world first App. Getting ERROR! Error: spawn git ENOENT


I am a complete beginner using JHipster.
I would like to use it to connect a backend API node server to connect to a MySQL server at the backend and use a React front end that I already have.

When generating a JHipster project on Vs Code terminal, I selected the following for my server backend.

? Which type of application would you like to create? Monolithic application (recommended for simple projects)

? What is the base name of your application? myserver

? Do you want to make it reactive with Spring WebFlux? No

? What is your default Java package name? com.testing.myserver

? Which type of authentication would you like to use? JWT authentication (stateless, with a token)

? Which type of database would you like to use? SQL (H2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, MSSQL)

? Which production database would you like to use? MySQL

? Which development database would you like to use? H2 with disk-based persistence

? Which cache do you want to use? (Spring cache abstraction) Hazelcast (distributed cache, for multiple nodes, supports rate-limiting for gateway applications)

? Do you want to use Hibernate 2nd level cache? Yes

? Would you like to use Maven or Gradle for building the backend? Maven

? Do you want to use the JHipster Registry to configure, monitor and scale your application? No

? Which other technologies would you like to use? API first development using OpenAPI-generator

? Which Framework would you like to use for the client? React

? Do you want to generate the admin UI? Yes

? Would you like to use a Bootswatch theme (https://bootswatch.com/)? Default JHipster

? Would you like to enable internationalization support? No

? Please choose the native language of the application English

I get the following error:

enter image description here


Error says that JHipster was unable to launch git command. So, you should install it and make sure it is found in your PATH when you run it from VS Code terminal.

Answered By – Gaël Marziou

Answer Checked By – Pedro (Easybugfix Volunteer)

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