[FIXED] Cypress installation fails with Proxy setup


I am trying to install cypress to my Angular 8 project.

But when I try to install, I am getting the same error over and over again.

enter image description here

I’ve added the proxy in my environment variables and also in my .npmrc file.
Those are the proxy variables I have found on the company’s wiki.
But I’am still getting the same error.

Does anyone knows what I am doing wrong here?


Please set up below environment variables before installing through command line.

set HTTPS_PROXY=http://domain%5Cusername:password@proxy:80
set HTTP_PROXY=http://domain%5Cusername:password@proxy:80

Also, set below proxy values for npm

npm config set proxy http://domain%5Cusername:password@proxy:80
npm config set http-proxy http://domain%5Cusername:password@proxy:80

Also, ensure you are using the correct url for the proxy server.


Answered By – Raju

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