[FIXED] Add Buttons to Fullcalendar Events


I want to add buttons to my Fullcalendar events.
For example: Delete, Snap to prev. Event, Snap to following Event.
Is there an out of the box possibility for me to do so?

If not, how can I use the eventRender functionality of FullCalendar to achieve this?
I can add html to the event, but it is not a p-button, nor does the onClick Event trigger. How can I add html and use the primeng elements and events?

eventRender(info: any) {
        info.el.querySelector('.fc-title').innerHTML += '<p-button (onClick)="delete(info.event)" icon="pi pi-trash"></p-button>';

I am using Fullcalendar v4 with primeng.


We can use dynamic creation of an Angular component when it comes to 3 third-party integration where we have to touch DOM.

First of all, let’s create our desired template:

  template: `<p-button (onClick)="deleted.emit(info.event)" icon="pi pi-trash"></p-button>`,
export class EventActionsComponent {
  info: any;
  @Output() deleted = new EventEmitter();

It’s a component which will be dynamically created and loaded into FullCalendar event template.

In order to achieve that we need to use low-level Angular API which involves ComponentFactoryResolver and ViewContainerRef:


export class AppComponent {
  // store all created ComponentRefs so that they can be successfully destroyed in eventDestroy 
  ngComponentsMap = new Map<HTMLElement, ComponentRef<EventActionsComponent>>();

  // get componentFactory of dynamic component only once
  eventActionsComponentFactory = this.resolver.resolveComponentFactory(

    private resolver: ComponentFactoryResolver,
    private vcRef: ViewContainerRef
  ) {}

  ngOnInit(): void {
    this.options = {
      eventRender: (info: any) => {
        // use Promise here to avoid ExpressionChangedAfterItHasBeenCheckedError
        Promise.resolve().then(() => {
          const compRef = this.vcRef.createComponent(
          this.ngComponentsMap.set(info.el, compRef);
          const targetEl = info.el.querySelector('.fc-title');
          targetEl.innerHTML = '';
          // pass anything you want here
          compRef.instance.info = info;
          // handle all desired outputs here
          compRef.instance.deleted.subscribe((event) => {
            alert('Do smth with delete');
          // port created ng component to the right destination
      eventDestroy: (info: any) => {
        // destroy ng component and clear ngComponentsMap
        const compRef = this.ngComponentsMap.get(info.el);
        if (compRef) {


You can read through my comments to get basic understanding of what is going on here.

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